Can You Keep Whisky in the Freezer?




Can You Keep Whisky in the Freezer?

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Can You Keep Whisky in the Freezer? This question often stirs debate among whisky enthusiasts. While some argue it’s an acceptable practice for certain purposes, others caution against it due to potential flavour loss and damage to the whisky’s profile. This article delves into the intricacies of whisky storage, the impact of freezing on its flavours and textures, and the pros and cons of keeping whisky in the freezer. Whether for cocktail preparation or to mask flaws in lower-end whiskies, freezing has its applications, yet for fine-sipping whiskies, it’s generally advised to avoid them. We’ll explore questions like “Does whiskey freeze?“, “Can you put whiskey in the freezer?“, and provide a comprehensive whisky storage guide.

Whisky Storage Basics

Can You Keep Whisky in the Freezer?

First, a quick whisky storage primer. Whisky ages best when stored upright at consistent, moderate room temperature. Light, heat, and fluctuations in temperature are whisky’s enemies.

Ideal conditions are:

  • 60-70°F temperature
  • 50-70% humidity
  • Upright orientation
  • Dark location away from direct light

Storing whisky under these conditions preserves the liquids and flavours.

Common storage methods include:

  • Upright in a cabinet
  • On its side in a wine rack
  • In temperature-controlled wine/whisky fridges
Can You Keep Whisky in the Freezer?

Can You Keep Whisky in the Freezer?

How Freezing Affects Whisky

When water freezes, its molecules bind and become solid ice. Alcohol doesn’t solidify but becomes thicker.

  • The freezing point of whisky is dictated by its ABV (alcohol by volume). The more alcohol, the lower the freezing point.
  • Pure ethanol freezes at -173°F. Whisky won’t freeze in a normal freezer.
  • Freezer temps of 0°F may thicken whisky but won’t solidify it. The texture alters.
  • Flavor molecules retract when chilled. Freezing mutes whisky’s aromas and flavours.
  • Freezing can also potentially crack or burst whisky bottles, depending on the material and liquid volume.

You can freeze whisky without ruining it, but flavour loss is likely. So, will whisky freeze completely? The answer is no, but putting whiskey in the freezer will affect its taste and aroma.

Pros: Reasons People Freeze Whisky

Despite potential drawbacks, many whisky fans advocate freezer storage. Why?

Cocktail Making

Can You Keep Whisky in the Freezer?

Can You Keep Whisky in the Freezer? Freezing can be useful when making whisky cocktails that need chilled liquor:

  • Frozen whisky shakes faster with ice, integrating flavours more quickly.
  • This allows bartenders to churn out cocktails faster during rushes.
  • For cocktails, muted flavours from freezing are less noticeable.

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Drink Consistency

Some bars and restaurants freeze whisky used for specific drinks to ensure consistency:

  • Frozen whisky used across many drinks maintains identical texture and chill.
  • This creates a consistent mouthfeel and temp for customers with each round.
  • Batch freezing locks in the desired profile for speciality whisky cocktails.

Masking Flaws

Freezing can conceal flaws in lower-end whiskies:

  • Numbing flavours help mask harshness in young/rough whiskies.
  • Cold burn is less noticeable for immature examples.
  • Freezing whisky used as shots diminishes poor aromas.

So, can you freeze whiskey? Yes, but it’s not always recommended, especially for high-quality whisky.

Cons: Risks of Freezing Whisky

Freezing does have drawbacks, especially for premium whiskies. Potential issues include:

Altered Flavours

As discussed, freezing mutes aromas and flavours which alters the profile:

  • Delicate notes become flat and indistinct.
  • Mouthfeel changes as fatty acids and esters harden.
  • It’s harder to detect fruity, spicy, and floral flavours and nuances.
  • Serious whisky fans argue this erodes the intended complexity of fine whisky.

Leaking Bottles

Bottles may potentially leak or burst when freezing:

  • Expansion during freezing can push corks out.
  • Glass or ceramic bottles can crack under stress.
  • Thawing may loosen corks and seals.

However, high-quality bottles stored properly are less prone to issues.

Oxidation Risks

Repeatedly freezing and thawing introduces air:

  • Oxygen alters whisky through oxidative reactions.
  • This causes gradual flavour deterioration over time.
  • Bottles may need resealing to limit air exchange.

So freezing should be done sparingly, if at all.

While you can put whiskey in the freezer, it’s crucial to understand the potential risks and impacts on flavour and aroma.

Expert Opinions on Freezing Whisky

Authorities have mixed views on the freezer debate. Here are some notable stances:

“Even high-end whiskies like single malt can handle being frozen temporarily without issues. The flavour dulling is real, but I think the risks are a bit overblown.”Ian Buxton, whisky expert and author

“Dilution and chilling is fine, but whisky should never be frozen. It damages the aroma, texture, and all the qualities that make it special.”Richard Paterson, master blender

“As long as you’re not ruining a rare 30-year-old Scotch, freezing budget whisky for shots or cocktails won’t hurt it.”Fred Minnick, whisky author/editor

The consensus is that freezing has a place for some purposes, but should be avoided with high-end sippers.

Best Practices for Storing Whisky

Instead of the freezer, use these methods to properly store and chill whisky:

  • For long-term ageing, store whisky upright at 55–65°F in a dark cabinet or temperature-controlled cellar.
  • For short-term chilling, store open bottles in the refrigerator for 1-2 days max. Don’t freeze.
  • To serve, first store the bottle in the fridge, then add ice cubes to the glass for chilling without dilution.
  • For rapid cooling, place bottle in freezer 15-30 mins before serving to avoid over-chilling.
  • Consider whiskey stones – add them frozen to quickly chill whisky without flavour loss.

Can You Keep Whisky in the Freezer?: Conclusion

So can you keep whisky in the freezer? The short answer is yes but with caveats.

While freezing doesn’t permanently ruin whisky, it does create noticeable flavour loss. For fine, aged sipping whiskies, chilling in the freezer is ill-advised. Cocktails and shots are better freezer candidates.

In the end, whisky storage is a matter of personal preference. Try a few experiments to see what works for your tastes. Just avoid ruining prized bottles. With some common sense chilling methods, you can find the ideal balance of flavour and temperature.

Can You Keep Whisky in the Freezer?: FAQs

Can you chill whisky?

Yes, you can chill whiskey. Many whiskey drinkers enjoy their whiskey chilled or with ice, as it can help open up some of the flavours and aromas in the spirit. While there are differing opinions on the best way to chill whiskey, some common methods include:

  • Store the bottle in the refrigerator or freezer for a short time before serving. You’ll want to avoid chilling it so long that it gets overly cold and dulls the flavour.
  • Adding ice cubes to the glass before pouring the whiskey. This gradually chills the whiskey as the ice melts. Using a few larger ice cubes is preferable to many small ones, as they will melt more slowly.
  • Using whiskey stones or chilling cubes made of granite or other materials. These can be kept in the freezer and then added to the whiskey to chill it without diluting.
  • Mixing the whiskey with chilled water or soda. The colder mixer will bring down the temperature of the whiskey.

Keep in mind factors like the proof and style of the whiskey when chilling it. Higher-proof whiskeys will typically hold up to chilling better than lower-proof ones. More robust, flavorful styles like single malts may benefit from some chilling to tame the bite and open up nuances, while more delicate whiskeys are best gently chilled or enjoyed neat so their subtle flavours aren’t muted.

Does whisky freeze completely? 

No, whisky will not freeze solid in a standard freezer due to its alcohol content. However, keeping whiskey in the freezer can alter its flavour and aroma. This whisky storage guide has explored the pros and cons of freezing whiskey and provided best practices for properly storing and chilling your whisky.

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