Uncovering Hidden Treasures: The World of Underrated Small-Batch Bourbons




Underrated Small-Batch Bourbons

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Hey there, fellow bourbon enthusiasts! It’s not just a drink; it’s a journey into the heart of American tradition. But here’s the thing: while certain brands have become household names riding the bourbon boom, countless underrated small-batch bourbons are waiting to be discovered. These are the hidden gems – often overlooked, but packing an unforgettable punch.

In this article, we’ll explore the world of small-batch bourbons. These are not your everyday, off-the-shelf bottles. We’re talking about limited availability, reasonably priced, and lesser-known delights that deserve a spot in your liquor cabinet. What makes these small-batch bourbons unique? It’s all about the crafted experience and diverse flavour profiles that they bring to the table.

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What Makes a Bourbon “Underrated”?

An underrated bourbon is more than just a lesser-known label. It’s a symphony of limited availability, affordable pricing, and a lack of widespread acclaim. And believe us, there are masterpieces out there just waiting for your discovery.

The Charm of Small-Batch Bourbons

Small-batch bourbons are the unsung indie bands of the whiskey world. Crafted with heart in limited quantities, each bottle narrates a unique story, often without the high price tag of famous brands. So, let’s toast to these hidden champions!

Top 5 Underrated Small-Batch Bourbons

1. Knob Creek Small Batch

Underrated Small-Batch Bourbons

Knob Creek Small Batch is a well-known bourbon whiskey, part of the small batch bourbon collection produced by Jim Beam. Knob Creek Small Batch is a premium bourbon, representing the craftsmanship and tradition of Kentucky bourbon-making. Its robust flavour and higher proof make it a favourite among bourbon aficionados.

  • Distillery: Jim Beam
  • Characteristics: High-rye mash bill, aged 9 years, 100 proof
  • Flavour Profile: A symphony of rich caramel and robust oak notes, balanced with an undercurrent of spice and a hint of citrus zest.
  • Perfect For: Those who appreciate an affordable yet versatile bourbon. Ideal for sipping neat or shaking up classic cocktails.
  • Price Point: CHECK PRICE (Price in GBP)

2. Four Roses Small Batch Select

Four Roses Small Batch Select is a distinct bourbon offering from the Four Roses Distillery, known for its unique approach to bourbon production. Here are some key aspects of Four Roses Small Batch Select. Four Roses Small Batch Select represents a premium offering in the bourbon market, appealing to both connoisseurs and casual enthusiasts alike.

  • Distillery: Four Roses
  • Characteristics: Aged 6 years, 90 proof
  • Flavour Profile: Light and floral on the nose, unfolding into a palate of fruity flavours with a sweet whisper of honey.
  • Perfect For: Bourbon beginners or as a refreshing change for seasoned aficionados.
  • Price Point: CHECK PRICE (Price in GBP)

3. Wild Turkey 101 Kentucky Bourbon

Wild Turkey 101″ is a well-known brand of Kentucky Bourbon whiskey. Wild Turkey 101 is a classic example of Kentucky bourbon, offering a rich and flavorful experience that appeals to both casual drinkers and connoisseurs alike.

  • Distillery: Wild Turkey
  • Characteristics: Aged 8 years, 101 proof
  • Flavour Profile: Bold and spicy, interlaced with notes of honey, cinnamon, and a smooth vanilla finish.
  • Perfect For: Lovers of a stronger bourbon character, excellent in more robust cocktails.
  • Price Point: CHECK PRICE (Price in GBP)

4. Michter’s US*1 Small Batch

Underrated Small-Batch Bourbons

Michter’s US1 Small Batch is a type of American whiskey known for its quality and unique flavour profile. It’s part of the Michter’s Distillery lineup, which has a rich history and a reputation for producing finely crafted spirits. Here are some key points about Michter’s US1 Small Batch

  • Distillery: Michter’s
  • Characteristics: Aged 10 years, 86 proof
  • Flavour Profile: A complex array of rye spice and toasted coconut, culminating in a long, rich finish.
  • Perfect For: Those seeking an award-winning, prestigious yet limited-availability bourbon.
  • Price Point: CHECK PRICE (Price in GBP)

5. Eagle Rare 10 Year Old

Eagle Rare 10-Year Old is a popular bourbon whiskey known for its rich flavour and smooth finish. It’s produced by the Buffalo Trace Distillery, which is located in Frankfort, Kentucky. This bourbon is part of their premium range and has garnered a reputation for its quality and taste.

  • Distillery: Buffalo Trace
  • Characteristics: Aged 10 years, 90 proof
  • Flavour Profile: A harmonious balance of oak and vanilla, with subtle hints of leather and tobacco.
  • Perfect For: Special occasions, boasting a cult following among enthusiasts.
  • Note: Be aware of limited availability and potentially higher prices.
  • Price Point: Check Price (Price in GBP)

Conclusion: Embrace the Bourbon Adventure

Discover these five small-batch bourbons waiting to be enjoyed, each with its unique production method and heartwarming local story. Venture beyond the popular labels to uncover amazing bourbons that might just become your new favourites.

Engage with the bourbon community! Share your underrated picks, join online forums, and keep exploring. Raise your glass to the adventure of bourbon exploration and don’t forget to share your experiences with us!

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